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Using Compostable Plastics to Enhance Food Scraps Collection - What You Need to Know .mp4

Webinar, Last Updated Nov 2015

This audio webinar discusses how diverting and collecting food scraps is a top priority from local jurisdictions up to the U.S. EPA. Compostable plastics have been shown to increase participation rates in food scraps collection programs, though can also bring significant challenges. This webinar is designed to help you understand the role of Compostable Plastics and provide you with some resources to assist planning or expanding your diversion program. To do that we will first set the stage with some real world examples, and then dive into the details

Questions for your Composter

PDF, Last Updated Oct 2015

A list of questions to discuss with a composter considering taking food scraps that will include compostable plastics.

Minneapolis’ Organics Definition for Curbside Organics Collection Program

Webpage, Last Updated Jul 2015

In preparation to roll-out or citywide organics recycling program, we have added a significant amount of information to our website regarding acceptable and not acceptable materials, home setup tips for organics collection, etc.

Degradable, Compostable, and Biodegradable Plastics

Website, Last Updated May 2015

CalRecycle's website to provide accurate and useful information about the environmental impact of compostable, degradable, and biodegradable plastics and any environmental marketing claims

Houston - Compostable Bag Options

Webpage, Last Updated May 2015

The City of Houston requires compostable bags for the collection of yard debris. This site explains why, what's accepted and where to get them

What are Organics

Webpage, Last Updated May 2015

What's included and what isn't in the City of Minneapolis' Pilot Residential Curbside Compost Collection Program

Compostable Food Serviceware Quick-Guide

PDF, Last Updated Apr 2015

The compostable food service ware quick guide was designed as a tool (distributed by the USCC) for the composter and hauler community. Its purpose is to help composters/haulers determine if a product is, by standards of science and direct product testing in facilities, compostable. This document also provides information on differences in terminology. This is intended to minimize confusion related to items that may be perceived as compostable (as in “made from plants” or “biodegradable”), and to make composters aware that these items may not meet compostability standards.

Houston Compostable Bags Yard Trimmings Program

Webpage, Last Updated Feb 2014

The City of Houston established April 5, 2010 as the startup date for the collection of yard trimmings in compostable bags. This webpage explains the Houston program, provides a list of city-approved waste bags, as well as an explanation of how compostable bags work versus regular plastics bags.

How do I know if a utensil, cup, or plate is compostable in San Francisco?

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

This City of San Francisco webpage provides residents an overview of identifying compostable foodware and provides links to related information.

Compostable or not? Your guide to which products and packaging should be composted

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Composting has many benefits—reduces waste, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, creates jobs—but at the end of the day, it’s really about one thing: soil. And if you think about it, our future is really about that same thing, our soil. Without healthy soils, we can’t grow the food we need to survive, and countless other organisms will suffer too. This informational webpage includes a 4-step guide to preventing plastics pollution.

Hennepin County, Minnesota: Organics Recycling

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

This is an organics recycling webpage for residents in Hennepin County with information on how to use and where to find compostable bags and foodservice ware the organics bin.

Case Studies

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Learn about various venues, from Portland Trailblazers to the London Olympics, where end-of-life options are working and how they're helping divert waste from landfills.

Compostable Products

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2014

Certification and extensive non-/acceptable product lists

Portland Composts!

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Portland's new organics processor no longer accepts non-food items EXCEPT approved compostable bin liners. This webiste lists the approved lines, and has good informational "how-to" videos

Leduc, Canada: Organics Cart Content

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

The City of Leduc is south of Edmonton, Canada. This is a Leduc City webpage that shows what is acceptable in their organics recycling cart, including a list of what is considered organic material. It also lists which compostable bags are acceptable to use in aiding the collection of organics, and lists where to purchase compostable bags.

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This toolkit is designed to help you determine if a compostable plastics program is appropriate for your organization and to guide you in properly managing your compostable plastics.

*Resources outlined in this toolkit are examples from a variety of sources to help facilitate a better understanding of compostable products and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Compost Research and Education Foundation (CREF).

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