Introduction to BASF Biodegradable Plastics

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Bioplastics 101 videos from BASF provides an overview of bioplastics in general, but also promotes the BASF bioplastic brands, named Ecovio and Ecoflex.

Biodegradable Plastic: What You Need To Know

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

This Mother Nature Network online article provides a brief overview of biodegradable plastics needing to be properly managed and not sent to landfill.

Breaking Down Bioplastics

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Breaking Down Bioplastics: Is the Bioplastic Cup half Full or Half Empyt?

Compostable Plastic Products

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2014

Compostable Plastic Products; Letter addressing Will Bakx's concerns about compostable plastics, and how they negatively impact the compost industry and compost facilities

BPI's Certified Compostable Products Catalog

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

"What is a certified compostable product?" BPI explanation of what products meet their certification requirements, as well as their compostable logo that is displayed on compostable products and packaging so consumers can easily recognize certified compostable products.

Certified Compostable Bags in Canada

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2014

Canadian Plastics Industry Association webpage that explains the benefits of certified compostabe bags and the role of compostable bags in diversion of yard and organic wastes.

"Breaking Down" the Problem: Aligning Policy and Practice in the Compostable Plastics Industry

PDF, Last Updated Dec 2013

Analysis of Berkeley's Zero Waste Policy; Aligning Policy & Practice in the Compostable Plastics Industry

The Bio Plastics Burden

Webpage, Last Updated Dec 2013

An overview article on bioplastics from the September 2011 issue of Waste Age. This article discusses a potential boom in the bioplastics industry in the near future, but also the concerns with the varied end-of-life requirements for compostable plastics that some waste haulers and composters have expressed.

Compostable or Not? Your Guide to Which Products and Packaging Should be Composted.

Website, Last Updated Dec 2013

This informational webpage from Eco-Cycle is a guide to determining which products and packaging should be composted. It includes a 4-step guide to preventing plastic pollution.

Bioplastics Industry Report

PDF, Last Updated Dec 2013

This article from BioCycle Magazine reviews the compostables sector of the bioplastics industry has been making significant inroads, especially with starchbased and PLA resins.

Degradable Plastics: A Recycling Coordinator's Guide to Managing New Types of Plastics

PDF, Last Updated Sep 2013

A fact sheet directed toward recycling coordinators that provides answer to questions about plastics with degradable additives, why they don't always degrade, and how to purchase degradable plastic.

Compostable Plastics Task Force (CPTF)

Webpage, Last Updated Jul 2013

The Compostable Plastics Task Force (CPTF) is an ad-hoc committee of the U.S. Composting Council. Its mission is to provide an organizational structure that facilitates a dialog among plastics producers, product manufacturers, purchasers and consumers of compostable plastic products, recycling and organics recovery program managers, and composters. To influence the ongoing development of compostable plastics so that materials benefit the composting industry through increased organic waste capture, and don’t add undue burdens including non-compostability of materials and added residue disposal.

Bioplastics Sorting Project

PDF, Last Updated Jul 2013

A report sponsored by CalRecycle that provides the technical findings of the Future 500 Bioplastics Sorting Project on the research and analysis of discarded plastics sent to landfills in California, and the development of an optical sorting system to test removal of bioplastics from waste streams.

Leduc, Canada: Curbside Cart Collection & Recycling Program

PDF, Last Updated Mar 2013

Pages 4 and 5 of this curbside recycling guide from the city of Leduc, Canada discusses recycling organics and using compostable bags.

California Code on Compostability Labeling

Website, Last Updated Jan 2013

This California legislation prohibits the use of terms like "degradable", "decompostable", and "biodegradable" when marketing plastic products, unless the term used has been approved by the ASTM. This model legislation also requires that plastic bags labeled "compostable" must meet 3rd party certification for meeting ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics. The intent of the legislation is to prevent advertisers from misleading consumers. This model CA legislation also requires that any plastic labeled compostable must be meet 3rd party certification for meeting ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics and further specifies requirements for labeling compostable bags.

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This toolkit is designed to help you determine if a compostable plastics program is appropriate for your organization and to guide you in properly managing your compostable plastics.

*Resources outlined in this toolkit are examples from a variety of sources to help facilitate a better understanding of compostable products and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Compost Research and Education Foundation (CREF).

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