Love Food Not Waste Employee Training Manual

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2011

The Eugene, Oregon Love Food Not Waste Campaign is a commercial food scrap collection program. The training manual is resource for businesses to help them properly set up a collection program and includes recommendations on compostable serviceware and liner bags.

Fundamental Principles and Concepts of Biodegradability — Sorting Through the Facts, Hypes, and Claims of Biodegradable Plastics in the Marketplace

PDF, Last Updated Mar 2010

This paper discusses biodegradability as an end-of-life option, how to measure biodegradability, and the requirement of the plastic to breakdown completely by the microbial food chain.

Zero Waste Kauai event guide

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2010

This guide is a resource to help event planners hold zero-waste events in Kauai, Hawaii.

St. Paul, Minnesota: Compost Pilot Guide - Curbside

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2010

Residential outreach flyer that introduces a St. Paul, Minnesota pilot project to determine the best way to design a long-term composting plan aimed at getting every bit of compostable material out of the trash.

Compostable Plastics Fact Sheet

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2009

A Compostable Plastics study sponsored by Calrecycle that includes information ranging from definitions and statutes to ongoing research, why compostable plastic is used, and its affect on the waste stream.

Evaluation of the Performance of Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers, Bags, and Food Service Packaging in Full-Scale Commercial Composting

PDF, Last Updated Mar 2007

A CalRecycle (State of California) research report provides testing parameters as well as testing results for compostable rigid plastic packaging containers.

Performance Evaluation of Environmentally Degradable Plastic Packaging and Disposable Food Service Ware — Final Report

PDF, Last Updated Jan 2007

The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) in 2007 contracted with California State University (CSU), Chico to perfrom this study and report on the following: The designed-use performance and compostability of commercially available products and packaging that claim to be compostable and degradable; The degradability of several commercially available compostable plastics under laboratory conditions; How well degradable plastic products decompose in actual composting facilities and in a simulated marine environment; The potential for degradable plastics to contaminate conventional recycled plastics.

San Francisco Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance

Webpage, Last Updated Jan 2007

The Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance requires food vendors and restaurants in San Francisco to use compostable or recyclable to-go containers. Using compostable and recyclable food service ware is one way businesses and consumers can help San Francisco achieve zero waste by 2020.

Biodegradation of Compostable Plastics in Green Yard-Waste Compost Environment

PDF, Last Updated Dec 2005

A report from California on the biodegradation of compostable plastics in a common yardwaste compost environment.

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This toolkit is designed to help you determine if a compostable plastics program is appropriate for your organization and to guide you in properly managing your compostable plastics.

*Resources outlined in this toolkit are examples from a variety of sources to help facilitate a better understanding of compostable products and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Compost Research and Education Foundation (CREF).

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